Heat Logs

Heat Logs

One of the hottest new products for wood-burner stoves are heat log sawdust briquettes. They are ideal for your stove, your pocket, as well as the environment. Made from a sawdust compound which is then compressed into brick-shaped firewood logs, log sawdust briquettes burn cleaner, hotter and are cheaper to buy. What's more, briquettes are easy to handle. Once you've tried them you won't want to go back to ordinary logs.

Our heat log sawdust briquettes provide much more heat than everyday logs, around 50% more. Made from sawdust they won't harm the environment either. One briquette can actually last up to four hours so big users will be able to reduce energy costs in comparison to conventional logs. Many people in the UK are now realising the benefits of these products, which are packaged in plastic bags to protect them from moisture.

When buying our briquettes, you'll soon find out that they are cleaner, easy to store and tend to take up only around half the space of a log pile. Due to the reduction in moisture content, they burn better causing fewer chimney and flue problems. Delivering more heat for your cash, how about buying in bulk? Our bulk bundles are the best deals around and represent great value for money.

Suitable for most wood-burning stoves, on delivery keep the briquettes in a dry place. Sawdust briquettes tend to expand quite quickly if they get wet. With heat log sawdust briquettes, you won't have to empty your stove so often either, there's less to clean out. Why not take advantage of our free delivery service on all orders over £150? To benefit from special offers, subscribe to our mailing list. Place an order today for heat log sawdust briquettes, available to buy in easy to handle bags.

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Heat Log Facts

  • These Heat Logs are simply made of compressed Sawdust.
  • The process for compression can be up to 1000kg/m3.
  • Heat logs have a misture content of less than 10% making the energy output per log extremely efficient
  • Lots of people see these as a progression from the standard wood log due to the density and efficiency of burning
  • Our heat logs are packaged in plastic bags so as to protect from moisture