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Our complete range of firewood products cover all wood types including everything from olive firewood, locally sourced hard woods that we season, kiln dried firewood logs, through to extremely dense, olive firewood logs. We provide perfect eco fire lighters and wood kindling to get your fires burning. We responsibly source all our firewood from managed woodlands or farms from the UK and Europe where there is an abundance of unused waste wood from the olive farms pruning and replanting processes. We moisture test and control all our fire-woods to ensure the best burning results.

  1. Olive Firewood

    Olive firewood is a totally natural dense firewood that burns with a beautiful aroma. It burns longer than most species of wood due to the density. We cut the Olive wood into chunk pieces from 10cm to 25cm so that it burns well in open fires and wood burners. It is also ideal for chimineas, fire pits, barbecues and pizza ovens. All our Olive wood is sourced from the Mediterranean region where there is an abundance of cut wood from the Olive Farms pruning and replanting process making it the perfect renewable resource available. Our Olive wood is available in net bags, Barrow Bags & 1m3 bulk bag.

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  2. Local UK Seasoned Hardwood

    Our quality hand-cut, seasoned hardwood logs are responsibly sourced from managed woodlands. It is air dried (seasoned) for 4+ months and as such represents the most affordable firewood we produce. We hand cut our logs to make them ideal for open fires and wood burners, and the pieces are small enough lengths to make them ideal for your chiminea or pizza oven. The moisture content is generally between 20-30% moisture and while these are ready to burn we recommend storing in an external wood store/shed or internally to further reduce the moisture. Our seasoned logs are available in net bags, barrow bags & 1.2m3 bulk bag.

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  3. Kiln Dried Hardwood

    Our Kiln Dried Hardwood logs are from managed woodlands and dried in our West Sussex kiln, giving you the best burning results every time. We are BSL accredited and the logs have a moisture content below 20%. Kiln dried logs are the best fuel to use in your open fireplace or wood burners for the most efficient burning. We also split our logs into small enough lengths to make them ideal for your chiminea or pizza ovens. Our Kiln Dried logs are available in net bags, Barrow Bags & 1.2m3 bulk bags

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  4. Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood

    Our Kiln Dried Oak hardwood firewood logs are extremely dense and heavy therefore giving superior heat. Oak is traditionally seen as one of the best firewoods in the market. We cut our oak into 20-25cm chunks so that it is suitable to burn in most UK open fires and wood burners. Our Kiln Dried oak is available in barrow bags which can be moved on a sack barrow and fit thorugh most garden gates & doorways!.

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  5. Kindling Wood Sticks

    Our kindling wood sticks are ideal for getting the fire glowing. Our kindling is produced from softwoods and is kiln dried to a moisture content of less than 15%. Our kindling is provided in 3kg handy bags.

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  6. Heat Log Sawdust Briquettes

    These heat logs are made from Sawdust biomass compressed into brick shaped firewood logs. These are long lasting, more economical and producing less ash than wood. This is a by-product of the wood industry, and means you have an extremely green fuel for use in heating your home. Our heat logs are provided in 10kg bags.

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  7. Eco Fire Lighters

    These fire lighters are made solely from sawdust and vegetable oil compressed together and compacted into 28 piece blocks. These work as good as the traditional fire lighters without the smell of the lighting fluid or paraffin, and as such as perfect for both open fires and especially cooking as there are no chemical aromas.

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  8. Bracken Brackettes

    These Super Logs are made from 100% Bracken. When the bracken turns brown, it is harvested, dried and then compressed together to form Brackettes. Due to its high calorific value and low moisture content, it actually burns hotter than oak! This is a local, renewable resource that, once harvested, also encourages flora and fauna to flourish. Brackettes also creates Potash when burnt which can also be used as fertiliser. Available in 10kg plastic packs with 10 Brackettes in each Pack.

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  9. Instant Eco Firelog

    Just light the packet and get an instant fire in moments. Made from 100% natural and sustainable resources such as plant wax and wood pellets. Burns for over 2 hours and perfect for stoves, woodburners, open fires, chimineas and firepits.

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