Local UK Seasoned Hardwood

UK Seasoned Hardwood Fire Logs

Our quality hand-cut, seasoned hardwood logs are responsibly sourced from managed woodlands. It is air dried (seasoned) for 4+ months and as such represents the most affordable firewood we produce. We hand cut our logs to make them ideal for open fires and wood burners, and the pieces are small enough lengths to make them ideal for your chiminea or pizza oven. The moisture content is generally between 20-30% moisture and while these are ready to burn we recommend storing in an external wood store/shed or internally to further reduce the moisture. Our seasoned logs are available in net bags, barrow bags & 1.2m3 bulk bag.

Hardwood Logs Facts

  • Stacking & storing your firewood is very important so that it keeps the moisture content of the wood down and better for burning. Netted bags provide the means for air to flow through the logs.
  • The most optimal moisture content for fire wood is between 10-25%. If wood is 30% moisture or above then it can cause a build up In your chimney and the heating qualities will less than optimal.
  • The best way to measure the amount of wood your buying is by volume rather than weight as wood will lose weight the dryer it becomes. We have net bags available in a 20 litre size.
  • When buying firewood look for the volume and ensure the species are hardwoods, as softwoods tend to spit and burns very fast so you will use much more than the same volume of good hardwoods.