Instant Eco Firelighters

Instant Eco Firelighters

Our Organic & Natural firelighters work as good as the traditional fire lighters without the smell of the lighting fluid or paraffin, and as such as perfect for both open fires and especially cooking as there are no chemical aromas.

Organic firelighters

are made solely from sawdust and vegetable oil compressed together and compacted into 32-piece blocks.

Wood wool firelighters

are made solely from wood shavings and vegetable oil mixed together and provided in our boxes of 24.

Both our firelighters are the responsible choice for those answering the call of the great outdoors. They’re also the choice for those wanting a cosy indoor fire or BBQ without the smell and risk of traditional firelighters.

Traditional firelighters often rely on chemicals and require special care and must be stored in safe locations – well away from inquisitive children or pets. With chemical based firelighters there is a risk for those with asthma as well as children and the elderly. Not only is it an irritant, it is a possible carcinogen if used for long periods of time.

Lighter fluid poses a danger to the environment and humans too and can poison man’s best friend. Lighter fluid contains hydrocarbons including butane, propane, and naphtha to name a few. These hydrocarbons, when inhaled, can cause serious damage to the throat as well as minor issues like a headache or irritability.

It is good to know that better options exist.

The ingredients in both of our fire lighting options are clean, odourless, and natural. The instant start means grilling can begin sooner. The long burn time also allows even the novice camper plenty of time to build the perfect campfire.

Our packages of 24 or 32 pieces are lightweight and easily stored. Convenient ordering ensures it is delivered right to your door. Be ready for your next event with these healthier fire lighting options.