It’s more popular than ever, partly due to improved product quality and purity. Restaurant grade charcoal typically contains no additives and burns longer at a consistent temperature for more stable cooking. The lighter hardwood charcoal holds less water content, so it won’t spark or spit as much as traditional charcoal and produces much less smoke. Standard household BBQ charcoal can come with chemicals and additives to help get the fire started, but the problem is that these elements, along with the lighters used to start them, often add an unpleasant chemical flavour to the meat.

Inevitably, barbecue cooking raises concerns around toxicity. Charred food is not healthy in excess, so nobody would want to add extra toxic chemicals to their food. Fortunately, restaurant grade charcoal can be lit with any natural firelighter (no chemicals) – enabling you to avoid any foul taste. If it meets the exacting demands of professional chefs, why expect less at home? Available in 15kg bags, our denser 100% She-Oak hardwood charcoal lasts longer so therefore it’s ideal for larger parties or events where the chef needs to be monitoring the sausages, steaks and burgers to completion.

Our charcoal reaches cooking temperature quickly and when you're finished, only pure ash remains (you can safely add this to compost or the garden, unlike the more chemical based consumer versions). It’s also derived from ethical sources – rarely a quality that you’d find in popular consumer charcoal that has been mass imported from sketchy, unmanaged sources. Consequently, restaurant grade charcoal is roughly equivalent in price to regular charcoal or briquettes. There is no reason to not make the change and immediately enjoy the benefit of tastier food!

Along with the charcoal, we are also great believers in using kiln dried logs at home. They provide consistency, which means that every log load you purchase, whether it’s in September or January, will have a moisture content of under 20%. The fact that they are consistently dry means they light easily and burn cleanly, with more heat output. Since they burn so cleanly, the stove glass won’t turn black. Your flue will stay clean and you can avoid excess soot or tarring. We make a point of splitting our kiln dried logs into small enough lengths that they will neatly fit inside a compact pizza oven or log burner.

Another benefit is that you make a positive choice for the environment, as we only source from carefully selected managed woodlands and dry the logs locally in our West Sussex kiln. Green Olive Firewood is BSL accredited and also provides kindling wood sticks, smoking chips, natural alder wood BBQ planks, instant light charcoal and a range of accessories, including Swedish Eco Torch and Firebuilder. Please explore our charcoal section to find out how we can enhance your home BBQs and other cooking experiences.