Heat Logs - Wood That Burns Brighter

The fire burning from your wood burning stove throws a soothing glow, enveloping your home with that snug and a cosy atmosphere! But the only daunting task lies in firing up your stove. Which fuel do you use to light up the fire? Your thought might go back to those large stone fireplaces giving its warmth using piles of firelogs to a gathering of family and friends. But with changing times, the piece of wood to light up your stoves have changed dramatically. There are major differences in the fire fuelled by a firelog and a fire fuelled by heat logs. The recent trend for wood-burner stoves are heat log sawdust briquettes. You have a variety of options to choose from them, so which is the right one for you? At The Green Olive Firewood we have the best heat logs that you can rely on.

Heat log sawdust briquettes are made by compressing sawdust compound at a very high compression rate up to 1000kg/M3. The higher the compression rate the better the quality of the heat logs as the block is more compact and sturdy. The more natural the heat logs, the faster it lights up as the moisture content is less when 100% sawdust is used for compressing. In heat log sawdust briquettes, the moisture content is less than 10% making the energy output per log extremely economical. Due to less moisture content the log burns hotter leaving less ash behind thereby keeping your wood burner cleaner and saving your time. These heat logs are easy to handle and easy on the pocket. It's smooth and uniform shape takes less storage space and can be stacked neatly. The heat produced from these logs are 50% more than the normal firewood and they are also environment friendly.

Heat Logs - Wood That Burns Brighter

If you use wood burning stove occasionally, heat logs are the best option. But if wood burning stoves are used regularly for the purpose of heating your homes, a better option would be kiln dried logs.

Kiln dried logs are best used for open fireplaces and wood burning stoves as they burn efficiently due to less than 20% moisture content in these logs. Our kiln dried logs are dried using a kiln chamber which throws hot air all around the wood for a set amount of time through a heat exchanger. As the heat output for kiln dried logs are more, you will use lesser number of logs thereby giving you your value for money. Like heat logs kiln dried logs are cleaner, so there is no need to worry about soot collecting in your chimney or flue.

The wood for the kiln dried logs are produced from trees grown in the Surrey and Sussex woodlands. Our targeted locations for delivery are Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and London. You can get these logs from any of the stores within the UK.