A barbecue consistently brings to mind great food and great friends. While gas is definitely convenient, there is something really special about foods cooked on a charcoal grill. Sausages, hamburgers and poultry often come with a smoky taste - reminiscent of the outdoors and long, humid summer days. The smoke from burning gas and charcoal has a very distinct quality to it. Charcoal makes more smoke than gas, with a broader assortment of tasty flavour molecules - since it is burning complex molecules.

Put simply, charcoal smoke makes food taste better. There's no best charcoal for everybody, but there can be the best charcoal for you personally, like Instant Light Charcoal. Our Instant Light Charcoal is made using natural compact lumpwood that's dipped in wax to permit an instantaneous flame. We provide the charcoal in smaller bits and this is perfect for a fast and convenient BBQ - no matter where you are.

When you're about to purchase wood for your wood-burning stove, pizza oven, outdoor chiminea or campfire, you must have one thing in mind - and that’s the humidity content of the wood should be below 20%. Probably the most famous choice for firewood (with less than 20% humidity content) will be kiln dried logs. At Green Olive Firewood, all of our kiln dried logs have a humidity content below 20%.

Why Firewood Needs To Be Dry. Wood should be as dry as possible for burning off - otherwise lot of the warmth in the stove of fireplace is utilized to evaporate the water from the log. That indicates you create less heat and a greater quantity of condensates and resins from the chimney. Condensates are the main cause of chimney fires. When purchasing logs, it's essential to make sure that the log you purchase was properly dried. A reduced moisture content usually implies that your firewood will burn consistently well with minimal smoke and won't blacken the glass of your stove door, and push out a lot more heat.

But just how do you get wood that is dried? At Green Olive Firewood, kiln drying involves a kiln chamber with heat exchangers throwing air around the wood inside for a specific amount of hours. The kilns that we use are powered by wood boilers using wood waste. Kiln drying often depends on the species and the density of the forests, so we try where possible to maintain our species different when kiln drying. Kiln dried firewood is exceptional because of its hassle free lighting. Our kiln dried hardwood logs are arranged from woodlands and dried in our West Sussex kiln, providing you with the best burning results each time. Our logs are supplied in relatively short lengths, making them perfect for your chiminea or pizza ovens. We are BSL accredited so you can be confident that all our wood is sustainably sourced and also of a high quality.

From farm to fire we deliver to your doorstep, conveniently packaged and easy to handle. Our targeted locations are Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, London. You can find our wood in many stores throughout the UK; it’s possible to identify your nearest outlet using the store locator feature on our website. Try out our instant light charcoal or kiln dried logs today and add some fuel to your fire!