Smoking/Cooking Woods

Smoking Wood Chips & Chunks

Our BBQ Cooking wood chunks are meant to be used for cooking over. They can be used in conjunction with charcoals or on their own. Barbecues using wood have been popular for many years in Mediterranean & African regions where they proclaim the added benefits and flavours of cooking over natural wood. We offer Oak, Orange & Olive wood as our cooking woods due to the density and flavours of these woods. Our cooking woods are cut to smaller chunks like coals, but equally you could purchase certain firewood logs to cook over also, if your fire-pit, bowl or BBQ is big enough. Our smoking wood chips are ideal for flavouring your food, experiment with our range of smoking wood chips and find your favourite!

Our Smoking chips are the last piece in the BBQ puzzle as they should be used over charcoals or cooking woods. These can be soaked and they sprinkled over the coals or woods, or even better put in our smoking box and placed directly on the coals or woods. The chips will crate instant smoke for your food, and with the different flavours of chips this will give a distinct smoky flavour to your foods.