Eco Fire Lighter

Eco Fire Lighter

With its organic compounds (sawdust and vegetable oil) and lack of smell, choosing these fire lighters really is a no brainer when it comes to weighing up your options. There’s nothing worse than that chemical, unnatural odour consuming the smell and flavour of the food that you’ve been slaving over. The eco fire lighter removes that problem, and you can’t tell the difference in quality from traditional firelighters.

With the Organic Firelighters, you will receive 28 pieces in just one box, and for only £2.99, you don’t get much better value for your money. Sometimes it’s hard to care for the environment and make greener choices when you're strapped for cash, we get that. That’s why our affordable choice makes it easier to be greener.

If you prefer our Wood Wool Firelighters, they are an affordable £3.99. You receive 24 pieces in this box, so they should last you a good length of time, whilst keeping your fire burning in an eco-friendly way.

These eco firelighters are non-toxic, with no added chemicals, so they aren’t harmful when in contact with plants, fish or near food. The list of benefits, not only for you but also for the planet, goes on.

Whether you have a log fire in the home, a wood burning stove, or a BBQ, these eco firelighters will come in handy for any occasion and are always useful to have around. If you need more, you can get Organic Firelighters at a discounted rate when you buy in bulk packs of 5, 10, or 20.

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