Longburn Lumpwood Charcoal

Longburn Lumpwood Charcoal

Lumpwood is made from 100% totally natural wood that has been burned down to charcoal. It is generally the chefs choice for cooking as it offers a totally natural cook with high intense heat. The pieces of our charcoals range from 3cm -20cm in the bag to allow for the home BBQ to the professional kitchens. The species used are generally dense hardwoods to ensure the best quality of lumpwood with a longer burn and more intense heat. We offer our lumpwood charcoal in 10kg & 5kg bags.

Longburn lumpwood charcoal

Longburn lumpwood charcoal is the chef's choice because it gives a more intense heat than other charcoals and requires less work in order to maintain the burn. It is easier than some other materials to adjust in temperature to suit timing and ingredients; simply increase or reduce the airflow to the embers. It also produces very little ash, meaning more time producing high-quality food and less time tending to the burner.

Lumpwood is useful for any grill application, but its high-temperature output means that it sears meats exceptionally well. Fine steaks that toughen if cooked too slowly remain tender when seared by the powerful heat from this charcoal.

This charcoal is made from superior hardwood which is burned in silos or kilns under low-oxygen conditions. The result is a quick-to-light charcoal that can produce very high temperatures without using chemical additives. The methods used when creating lumpwood have their roots in metallurgy. This ancient tradition of fuel production dates back to the Bronze Age. Reliable and natural, this is the premium way to introduce a beautiful, clean smoke to food.

While lumpwood charcoal is frequently requested by professionals, it makes sense for home barbecues and hobbyist smokers too. Easy to work with, lumpwood is perfect for feeding family and friends on long summer afternoons. There's always room for one more burger or hot-dog, and with longburn lumpwood charcoal, the barbecue will be hot enough to cook them long after lighting.

Smoke that's produced by lumpwood penetrates deep into the food, leaving rich, distinctive aromas and flavours. Every bit an ingredient as much as salt, pepper or garlic, the right smoke makes a big difference. For the ultimate in temperature range, taste and performance, Professional chefs and experienced home cooks rely on lumpwood charcoal.

Long burn lumpwood charcoal facts

  • Lumpwood is made by burning wood in he absence of oxygen
  • Lumpwood produces much less ash than briquette charcoal
  • Lumpwood burns at intense tempratures of up to 2700 °C
  • Lumpwood has been used since Roman times in the production of iron