About The Green Olive Firewood Co

How it all started...

Olive Wood is used as an everyday fuel in the Mediterranean from cooking on the BBQ to heating outdoor spaces & homes.  We were not only astounded by its high heat and long burning properties but also with the fantastic aroma and the mild woody flavour it adds to BBQ foods.

About Green Olive Firewood Company

Unsurprisingly we didn't find any olive trees that had been harvested in the home counties. So we used our local contacts throughout the Mediterranean and discovered an abundance of trees that were harvested each year and managed by local farmers. Incredibly the wood is a by-product of the olive industry and this is what we use for our lovely logs.

From little acorns, or in our case olive pips...

Green Olive Firewood was established in 2011, we are a branded producer and supplier of natural wood fuels to heat your home and for BBQ cooking.  We are passionate about producing as much as we can on our farm in Sussex from sustainable sources.

We supply a variety of retailers to include many of the best garden centres in the country, restaurants, farm shops, convenience stores. In these you will find our mconveniently packaged net bags and accessories.

We also offer direct home delivery and offer great deals on bulk bags such as our popular sack barrow bags which are a manageable way to handle loose logs around your home - these can be moved using a sack barrow through most garden gates and along side alleys.

We guarantee the quality of our firewood logs and BBQ Charcoals as we want our customers to feel reassured when ordering online from our website especially for the first time!

Our green approach

Renewable energy is so important to us which is why were so delighted in 2016 to become registered on the Biomass Suppliers List upon installation of our kiln drying oven which is heated by our biomass boiler which is fuelled using all our offcuts and wood waste.

Please get in touch, we love talking about wood


The Green Olive Firewood Team