About The Green Olive Firewood Co

How it all started...

Olive wood is used as an everyday fuel in Europe and we were struck by the fantastic aroma and its long burning properties.  Returning to the UK we sought to re-create that holiday feeling and set about hunting for different woods to use in our fires.

About Green Olive Firewood Company

Unsurprisingly we didn't find any olive trees that had been harvested in the home counties. So we used our local contacts throughout the Mediterranean and discovered an abundance of olive trees that were harvested each year and managed by local farmers.  Incredibly the wood is a by-product of the olive industry and this is what we use for our lovely logs.

From little acorns, or in our case olive pips...

Three years on we are a UK company supplying superb quality firewoods and barbecue products from our base in West Sussex.  We are committed to sourcing the finest, natural products, that are competitively priced and uniquely packaged.  The company began with our highly successful olive wood logs and has expanded to include locally sourced and kiln dried firewood and kindling.

This season, as well as increasing our existing product range we have launched the Eco Crate, which was well received at the Garden Centre Glee trade show by many industry buyers.  We are grateful to all of our customers who have used and purchased our products and supported us from our early beginnings.  We started with a handful of Garden Centres and we now supply to over a hundred and it's growing all the time.

Everyone loves our wood as it is clean and reliable, we deliver what we describe. We hand-cut our locally sourced wood and season it ourselves and we discard any logs that we don't think you will like.  We have recently been asked to provide lots of bags of logs for an on-line log delivery company for their entire winter season as they were so impressed with the quality of our wood.

Our green approach

Renewable energy is important to us, firewood is a green renewable energy resource and all our natural wood products are responsibly sourced.

We also take care to keep our carbon footprint very low by transporting our wood via sea and road rather than by air. Where possible we try to ensure that most of our wood packaging can be recycled.

Please get in touch, we love talking about wood.

The Green Olive Firewood Team